What should I wear? 

Well, that’s the million dollar question. 


The answer is…..whatever you want that makes you comfortable.  It really depends on what type of photograph you envision.  If you want relaxed photos, wear your favorite jeans or casual clothes.  If you want something more formal, wear your Sunday Best.  Contact me and we can discuss ideas for clothing that is suited to the type of shoot.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t try out new hairstyles or haircuts right before a photo shoot.  If you don’t like it, you’ll be sorry and not comfortable in the photos. 


  •  Be conscious of what colors look best on you for your skin tones


  •  Wear makeup that suites your every day style – lip color with gloss is always good.  Heavy eye makeup can detract unless you’re a model.  No loud lipsticks or blush please.


  • Match your eye color.  You’d be surprised how much this can do for your eyes.
  • T-shirts with slogans and prints can be distracting unless it is fitting for the look and setting of the shoot.  Shirts with colorful characters, etc. are discouraged, especially in the children photos.  It just takes away from the overall look.
  • Stay away from loud prints and patterns.  They tend to take over the subject and often compete with the surroundings.    Solid colors, creams, and earth tones work best. 
  • When in doubt, neutral colors and earth tones photograph well.  Steer away from whites.  Sometimes whites work well with certain backgrounds.  White shirts and blue jeans is a common trend in photos today.  Make sure you consult with the photographer and discuss the overall theme desired before wearing white. 
  • Black is the most flattering color.  It is slimming and hides a lot!  Black works well on parents in newborn sessions as the clothing can be used as a pseudo-backdrop while holding baby.
  • The color red is most powerful in photos.  If you wear red or have red accessories, the eye will be drawn to those things instead of faces and expressions.  Keep this in mind.    Holiday sessions are often shot with people wearing red, so don’t be overly concerned but give it consideration if it is not a themed shoot.  It really depends on what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Think about your hair color.  Blondes look good in blues; red heads in emerald green, etc.   
  • If you color your hair, make sure your roots are not showing.  Hair color cannot be applied to roots in post-production. 
  • Wear clean shoes and clothing.   
  • If you are not going to a prom, don’t wear a prom dress---unless it is special occasion photos.  It’s about lifestyle not glamour.
  • If a group shot or family session, try to coordinate your colors not your outfits.  Choose different styles and mix up the colors with shades that work well together.  Look at a color wheel to get an idea of what color palettes work well together. 
  • Flowing and soft fabrics are ideal for maternity and mother/baby shots.  Soft fabrics with an opening can be moved aside for the belly shots.  Tight fitting dresses and shirts are best for shots without the belly exposed as it accentuates the size and shape.
  • Check out my board on Pinterest for ideas for family wardrobes if still in doubt.